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9 Jobs That Are in Demand in Manitoba, Canada

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A Canadian government study states that certain job occupations have increased in demand since the pandemic in Manitoba. In order to qualify to apply to the MPNP, you are required to be a skilled worker that can make an instant contribution to the economy of the province of Manitoba. A skilled worker needs specialized education, work experience, and training in their occupation. For example- nurse, accountant, dentist, and teacher, even minor sectors such as electricians. In Manitoba, skilled workers can expect to receive handsome pay and benefits. Many jobs, during the pandemic, were negatively influenced due to the public health measures, this includes- tourism because of the shutdown. You can connect with our best immigration consultants in Qatar for Canada to migrate and seek better options.


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However, there are some other sectors that experienced an increase in demand.

Listed below are the 9 jobs that increased in demand:

  1. Graphic Designers and Illustrators: Graphic designers and illustrators produce visual and graphic art to communicate data or information for advertising, publication, and other media. You may not know but employment for graphic designers and illustrators increased 114% in comparison to last year. Although advertising was reduced since many retailers cut down their expenses, graphic designers saw their work drift towards online shopping platforms.
  2. Cleaning Supervisor: This sector involves supervising and coordinating the work of janitors, cleaners, and superintendents. Many can seek employment in health care organizations, hospitals, schools, hotels, and other sectors. In comparison to 2019, you can see 70% higher employment opportunities for cleaning supervisors.
  3. Delivery and courier Service: these professionals are required to drive cars or light trucks for pick up and delivering products. You can seek employment at drug stores, restaurants, newspaper distributors, and dry cleaners, and more.
  4. Computer Network Technician: CNT help establish, operate, and maintain the use of LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network), software, and hardware. Anyone with proper experience or knowledge of information technology to seek the job.
  5. Insurance Agents: Brokers and insurance agents sell different types of insurance which include automobile, life, property, health insurance. Insurance companies received more claims due to uncertainty caused by the pandemic.
  6. Material Handlers: Employed by transportation, moving, and storage companies. An average level for such occupations went higher in 2020. The pandemic caused e-commerce retail to increase and therefore, more demand for parcel delivery and handling shipping.
  7. Home support workers and Housekeepers: Home support workers offer personal care for seniors, people with disabilities, and others. They usually reside with the client and therefore help with their needs.
  8. Store Shelf Stockers: These professionals help pack customers’ purchases, items, stock shelves, and other orders. Many employees work in retail businesses, department stores, and warehouses.
  9. Shippers and Receivers: Professionals are required to ship, receive, and record the movements of supplies and materials. There have been 27% higher employment opportunities in April 2020 when compared to 2019. The job has increased in demand since e-commerce increased during the pandemic.

If you are looking forward to any of the above-mentioned occupations, connect with our skilled immigration consultants in Qatar at Giant Migration.




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