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The United States of America is an amazingly diverse nation where people from across the globe immigrate here. You may find it interesting but there is no single type of American. Wonder why? Each of them comes from a family sharing a unique background and ethnically diverse upbringing. The nation is all about diversity in terms of race, political beliefs, religion, and more. The United States, as well all know, is a country that works hard and is proud of its development and growth. You must know that only 5.5% of their population is unemployed while others are earning a living and takes pride in. also, they always rank in the top five nations across the globe that have amazing workforce productivity. Since the United States have employers that don’t shy from looking overseas to find talent that will help them boost their brand. 

Those who are skilled and experienced that is required by the US Company, it becomes a wonderful opportunity for people to migrate to the states. Companies often help them with all of the migration processes from organizing the visa to helping them settle down and find a home. However, there are times when this is not the case, well that is when we come into the picture. We help you with every step such as job security, finding a home, adopting the new policies, and more to make the American dream come true. You must know that many people wish to migrate to the United States seeking better job opportunities, before that you need to know that there are five different categories that are based on your skills, and the first four are called EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, and EB-4. If we talk about EB-5, it is quite different. 

This particular one is all about the E-2 and why people prefer it over EB-5. 

E-2 Visa is considered an amazing opportunity for those who wish to stay and work in the United States. It is a non-immigrant visa that is often assigned to those who are foreign buyers from nations that have a US trade agreement and exchange. Wonder what it is? After investing a good amount of money in an authentic business, it helps them to travel and work in the United States. It offers an opportunity for the treaty investor and their family to move and live in the United States. This can be extended once all visa conditions are taken care of. Also, your spouse, as well as the kids under the age of 21, will be permitted to operate or work in the States on an E-2 visa. 

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