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Planning to visit any of the Schengen Member States, Are you in need to manage your visa application process under the expertise of a competent consultancy agency? Contact us today as Giant Migration can be of huge help. 

The Schengen Travel Visa is your ticket to Europe- the reason could be anything whether you are visiting your family or a friend. The Schengen Travel Visa let non-European people visit the Schengen nations in Europe for a span of three to six months. Giant Migration helps you understand all your options and offer the right advice via customized visa services via the Schengen visa application procedure. The Schengen VISA is actually a provisional visa for those who wish to travel within this zone to European nations such as Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Norway, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Lithuania. 

You need to apply for a Schengen Visa with the Embassy of the member state that is your destination with the duration and the intention of your stay. The visa should be applied at the embassy whose border you will cross first. Below are the two type of VISA:

Single-entry Visa

A single-visit visa is often misunderstood by people; they end up assuming that it only permits them to enter one or a single country. A single entry visa needs the applicant to enter the Schengen nations just once and for a particular duration. In case they leave the country, he or they will not be permitted to return even they haven’t spent the specified duration at the destination. 

Multiple-entry Visa

As the name is self-explanatory, a multi-entry visa permits the applicant to enter as well as exit the Schengen Member States as many times as they wish to as long as the 90/180 law is not been trespassed. 

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Giant Migration has allowed people who are seeking guidance on the Schengen Visitor Visa and Schengen working visa. Being professionally experienced and have an amazing reputation, and a team of an immigration attorney, we provide top-notch assistance to clients with an extensive range of features of the Schengen Visitor Visa procedure. Let our experts execute the application process with precision offering proper guidance on documentation.  

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