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Giant Migration helps people in their pursuit of Canada Citizenship by Investment. The Canadian Business Immigration Program allows foreign investors to acquire Canadian citizenship by making investments in the growth and development of the Canadian economy. Investors will do this by engaging in new companies and start-ups that can build opportunities for Canadians and help in the growth and development of Canada.

Canada is known as a place of opportunities where international business entrepreneurs can pitch their deals to a more lucrative environment. The nation has a quality of life combined with a stable infrastructure and a dynamic business climate. It brings forth the opportunity for Investors in Qatar to become Canadian citizens all through the process of investor Visa, which enables them to develop a business in Canada.

How to obtain Canadian Citizenship by Investment

If you wish to obtain permanent residency in Canada through the nation’s investment scheme, the first move is to complete an application for an investor visa. There are two available routes for business investment in Canada. These services are the Start-up Visa Program and Provincial Candidate programs.

Start-up Visa Program

The start-up scheme is meant for foreigners to partake in to help develop Canada’s economy. Investors can earn a Visa with the help of this scheme. However, to stand a chance and qualify you must satisfy the requisites and to do so you must participate actively in the process. The main advantages of completing this initiative include a great opportunity to earn a temporary visitor Visa. other necessary points to remember are:

  1. A fair minimum sum to get moving with a company.
  2. A way to show your proficiency in English (CLB 5 minimum in English or French)
  3. Seek out one or two financial sponsors to invest in your company.
  4. Provide proof of the financial obligation required for admission into Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program for Investors

For investors who are willing to invest their money and expertise in improving a province in Canada has the opportunity to enroll with the PNP program. The basic conditions for obtaining an investor visa depends on the provinces that you want to invest in.

It is an outstanding chance for business immigrants in Qatar to settle in Canada as a permanent resident or as a Canadian citizen with their families. Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Northwestern Territories, Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan, and Yukon are provinces that you may choose to expand your business.

Here at Giant Migration, we intend to assist the investors in Qatar through our high- quality and efficient Company Immigration consultancy services to pitch their tent in Canada. As the best Canada PR Visa consultants in Qatar, we stay committed to assist you with the complete procedure and advise on the most relevant territory appropriate for you, based on the type of company you choose to set up.

Legal questions are also handled by our Canadian attorneys in your case. To learn more about the Company Visa policy, please talk with our advisors today.

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