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Work in Nova Scotia: Discover Occupations in Demand after the Pandemic

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Covid-19 has forced the workplace to look strangely different now from how it was before. Some sectors have had more success than others, Canada released a study that highlights all the jobs that were affected during the pandemic in Nova Scotia. Along with many Canadians, a lot of people lost their jobs or experienced their hours decreased as a result of public health measures to control the virus outbreak. However, there are other jobs that saw an increase in demand considering the fact that many lost their jobs.

Well, those who are planning to work in Nova Scotia, below listed are some of the in-demand occupations post-pandemic that may interest you:

BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION JOBS: A lot of these jobs can be operated remotely and thus, were not affected by pandemic and global situations. To name a few jobs that are in-demand and were not negatively impacted to include Financial Auditors and Accountants, Administrative Assistants, Administrative Officers, and General Office Support.

NATURAL & APPLIED SCIENCE JOBS: Such jobs are relatively well even during the covid-19 pandemic. Many of them were able to continue working respecting all the health measures to steer clear from the virus. Those working in engineering have enjoyed numerous employment prospects. You can expect a steady and better job in Nova Scotia working in the computer, IT, or engineering fields.

HEALTH JOBS: About one-tenth of the workforce works in the health sector in Nova Scotia, however the demand for these jobs were existing even before the coronavirus outbreak due to the province’s aging population. Although the pandemic sure has increased the demand further, you can look forward to these jobs: Registered Nurses and Psychiatric Nurses, Massage Therapists, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Patient Service Associates.

TRADES AND TRANSPORT RELATED JOBS:  Since the pandemic didn’t largely affect many construction jobs, professionals had to stick to respecting the health measures and social distancing needs on-site. Jobs such as Labourers, Carpenters, and Helpers are in-demand. Even the long-haul truck drivers are in-demand since post-pandemic their demand has increased significantly.

With so many job options available, choose the right Canada Business Immigration program in Qatar

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For those who wish to immigrate to Nova Scotia, you may have a few programs to choose from. Canada’s provinces and regions tend to attract many immigrants to address provincial labor market requirements. Why? This helps and supports Canada’s economic growth. If you have enough work experience and required skillsets, especially in the in-demand job, you can look forward to various job opportunities to seek permanent residency in Canada. However, to do this, you may require to use the express entry into Canada from QatarHowever, it is essential to note that the system is ideal for skilled work.

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