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Germany is a popular destination and known for its all-inclusive welfare system. Germany strives to protect their freedom and the natural basis of life of their citizens. This means, if a person fails to take care of themselves, the state will do that. There are not one but many benefits and amazing reasons why people prefer moving to Germany. However, German migration for unregistered companies and people can be challenging. Connect with Giant Migration, the best immigration consultants in Qatar that are available to assist people who wish to migrate to Germany. We strive to maintain reliability, reputation, and safety when it comes to applying for the German VISA. Every year, thousands of people migrate to Germany seeking a lavish and better life. The interesting part is that people come from across the globe from different religions, professions, nationalities, education, and more making Germany a mosaic of culture. 

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In the land of fairy-tale castles, picturesque views, black forest canopy, and perfectly constructed town, people instantly fall in love with the place the second they visit the destination. Germany is the most preferred land by the wanderlusts and even for students. However, you need to know that before landing in the country, one is supposed to have a visitor visa to travel to Germany. Before we move any further, all those who wonder about applying for Germany Tourist VISA, below listed are the top reasons to apply for the same.

  • Amusing History: Germany possesses a rich past as it involves a history of WORLD WAR II, and many historic figures such as Nazis, Adolf Hitler, and more. Let’s not forget that the great French revolution and many other wars associate with Germany making this place a part of a rich historical past. 


  • Fabulous Castles: For all the picturesque and scenic views of the beautiful surrounding along with fairy-tale castles, Germany is the popular destination. You may not know but Walt Disney Castle is believed to be inspired by one of the popular castles in Bavaria. 


  • World Leader in the realm of Technology: As we all know, Germany stays ahead in the technology world and produces the world’s best and most famous vehicles. Ranging from Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and more, all are the masterpiece produced by Germany. 


  • Food: Let’s not forget but German meals are the best, known for providing the best kind of cakes, bread, and more. They are not only tasty but also presentable. 


For those who are planning to migrate to this majestic land, here are some of the requirements for applying for a Germany Tourist VISA

  • It is mandatory to provide passport size pictures
  • The passport should be valid for ten years
  • When submitting the passport, you must have a blank page left to make it easier to have a visa sticker attached
  • Last three months of the bank statement should be presented
  • A confirmation letter from the health insurer and specifying a minimum of RS. 30000 will. 


It is vital to exemplify the evidence of accommodation; this includes the information about hotel reservations and a message from the mate. It is obligatory to present proof of booking a trip or tour; Tourist VISA consultants will help you find everything online. Certain things are required when you are working, a certificate of No Objection, and for those who are students, it should be published by their prestigious university. 

While you are planning to visit Germany and are planning to get a visa, there is no need to stress over the complex process of visa application. Connect with Giant Migration, being the leading and trusted immigration consultants; we take pride in assisting our clients in every step during the immigration procedure.

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