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Are you reading this blog because you wish to obtain a Permanent Residency (PR) Visa in Canada? Or maybe because are you looking for the easiest ways to secure your Canadian PR? Don’t fret! We’ll help you

Covid-19 has forced the workplace to look strangely different now from how it was before. Some sectors have had more success than others, Canada released a study that highlights all the jobs that were affected during the

In the last few decades, Canada has emerged as one of the most welcoming nations to immigrants. Thousands of people from all across the world relocate to Canada in hopes of better living standards. The nation also

When you have the best in pursuit, then you don’t need to get confused about where to start from, eventually when it comes to Canada Visa acquisition from Qatar. Qatar is a province of business and professionalism

Canada is one of the most preferred destinations where foreign nationals think of settling. The incredible standard of living, tremendous job opportunities, and tons of perks of living in Canada attract a lot of people from across


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