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The Canadian government places great importance on learning and has developed a high education system not only for citizens but also for international students.  A degree from a Canadian university is equivalent to that of an American university. A Canadian degree with the best theory and practical knowledge training opens the door to global job and career opportunities for the long term. Canada’s illustrious education system is well-regarded in every commercial circle around the globe. 

Canada is one of the preferred countries for immigration among international students who wish to study here. The country has a stabilized socio-economic structure, high education, living standards, and lucrative career options. Canada encompasses a multicultural society with one-fifth of its population being foreign nationals. The multi-cultural society provides a huge international exposure that plays part in the personal and professional development of students. Canada Immigration and Citizenship Department offers student visas for international students.

According to the United, Survey Canada has ranked among the top ten countries to live in the world. With its magnificent beautiful and welcoming landscapes, it promotes quality lifestyle and learning together. The country’s high standards of living, cleanliness, & vibrant surroundings, high life expectancy make it the safest and prominent place for outsiders to live here. 


  • The student needs to pursue a course for a minimum duration of 8 months to get stay back eligibility in Canada.

  • Less than 8 months of course does not allow a student to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

  • For a post-graduation work permit, an aspirant needs to pursue a course of 8 months duration or more.

  • Students can get work permits for 3 years with a 2 years post-graduation program.



Tuition fees in Canada may vary by institution and province, but the cost of the study is more affordable in Canada as compared to other countries around the world. 


The Canadian Government provides an opportunity to all students to study in the country but for that, they are required to obtain a Study Permit before going to Canada. For taking the above advantages students tremendously approach the best Canadian student visa consultant in Qatar. Currently, the Canadian government allows overseas students to work up to 20 hours a week. 

Consulting the right Canada student visa consultant in Qatar will allow you to apply for a work permit after graduation for a more extended period. It is also crucial that your studies be in a recognized institution that participates in the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. 

At Giant Migration, we have obtained more than 10 years of total experience in the education and the immigration process. As leading Canada Student visa consultants in Qatar, we can be useful for you in choosing a study program and enrollment in language schools, secondary and higher schools, and universities.

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