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Will Immigration Help Canada To Establish Its Economic Goals?

Will Immigration help Canada to establish its economic goals

Migration, as many might not know, is much more than just relocating to a new or different country. it plays an essential role in society as well as economic life across numerous nations but the profile of the immigrant population actually varies. You may know that citizens living in European countries enjoy various rights that include the right to free movement, and in countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, they have managed labor migration that plays a vital role. Whatever the source might be, migration leaves an essential impact on society and some of them can surely be controversial. Considering that, migration leaves a huge impact on the economy as well. Now you might be wondering how does it help, right? Well, to understand that, you need to carefully look at the migration’s impact that happens in the three areas that are listed below…

  • Labor Markets: Those who migrate are accounted for about a 47% increase in the United States of America’s workforce and about 70% in Europe over the past few years. Migrants fill the essential niche in terms of declining sectors as well as the fast-growing economy. You may not know but the young migrants tend to get a better education than the ones nearing retirement. Migrants contribute a lot to labor-market flexibility, especially in Europe.
  • Economic Growth: migration not only helps a migrant seek a better lifestyle but also increases the working-age population of a country. They arrive and contribute to the country’s human capital development and technological progress using their skillsets. Many debates have happened discussing the policy design of education as well as employment to increase the benefits of migration.
  • Public Purse: Now, you must understand that Migrants contribute a lot in taxes and make social contributions than the benefits they receive. Labor migrants leave a positive influence on the public purse. Considering that, employment is the massive determinant of a migrant’s net financial contribution.


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Now, of course, the policy mix varies from country to country however, the fundamental question of how to increase the advantages of the migration process, needs to be answered by OECD countries. Especially in the coming decade keeping the rapid population aging boosts the demand for migrants. You can connect with the best Canada immigration consultants in Qatar to understand the process of migration.

The Canadian government, actually said once to boost the immigration into the country to seek support economic and drive growth. Under the year 2021-2023 immigration plan as announced last year. The focus is on the economic growth having 60% new admission coming from the economic sector. As measured in the term of the labor force, the Strength of Canada’s economy and help pay taxes to fund the public services including healthcare organizations.

Well, thanks to the immigration policy, the country will continue to witness growth by a small amount each year having a better labor force. We may not realize but immigrants help employers a lot in seeking qualified workers to take the available job opportunities.

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