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All You Should Know About Immigrating To Australia

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Australia, as we know, has been a popular choice for people who wish to migrate to a foreign land. This beautiful continent has numerous factors that entice migrants to move here and start a new life as it has a thriving economy, quality lifestyle, numerous job opportunities, and more. With all this to look forward to, more and more people are choosing to move to this beautiful country where they will find a multicultural society, peace, and harmony. Australia provides so much from permanent residency to amazing job opportunities to immigrants. The visa comes with the validity of five years and with a PR visa, you can plan to move to the country with your family members or spouse. If you are living here for three years or more, you can apply for a citizenship visa.

Now, before you look for immigration services in Doha, here are some of the basic requirements that you need to meet to immigrate to Australia.

  • Funds confirmation
  • Assessment of skills and qualification
  • Health insurance
  • No criminal record
  • Language proficiency
  • Active bank account before migrating to the country

Types of Visa that you need to migrate

Immigrating To Australia

Migrating to any foreign nation requires a visa and Australia has three types:

1. Temporary Visa: This kind is granted to an applicant who wants to visit the country with the purpose of leisure, holidays, or for a short period of employment offered by an Australian employer. It is valid for three months and staying in the nation beyond the period is illegal.

2. Skilled Immigration Visa: Migrating to Australia via a skilled immigration visa is a two-step process. You will be required to submit an application online expressing your interest in a skilled immigration visa. Your profile is then assessed and awarded with points based on your skills, qualification, experience, age, and more. If you qualify for that process, you will be granted a visa. Below listed are some of the skilled migration subclasses- 

  • Subclass 189- Skilled independent visa
  • Subclass 887- Skilled regional visa
  • Subclass 190- Skilled nominated visa

3. Australian PR visa: This type of visa allows the applicant holding the visa to enter and exit the country without any restrictions for five years only. 

Now, you must be wondering about that point system that we talked about, right? Well, a point system is preferred by the government of Australia in order to choose whether an applicant is eligible to move to Australia via any of the visas mentioned above. These point calculators help determine an applicant’s eligibility for an Australian PR visa by screening and assessing all the factors.

Well, what are you waiting for? If you wish to move to this beautiful country, connect with one of our Australian Immigration Consultants in Qatar and they will help you immigrate.


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