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Things to consider when you are planning to settle in Canada

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Whether you are looking for a country that you may want to immigrate to or have your heart hooked on moving to Canada, there are many questions involved in the immigration process. This usually includes: what are the immigration requirements? What are the best provinces to reside in? How much will the living expenses be? Or just how to commence the process of settling in the country? 

At Giant Migration, we are equipped with all information, latest updates and can answer all the questions. People who wish to move to Canada from foreign countries should consider handling the process under the guidance of Canada student visa consultants in Qatar

Students can look forward to signing up for part-time jobs to take control over the expenses and exposure to a unique experience. Develop confidence, communication skills, and lead a fun life while pursuing education. 

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So, what are the things that you should know when planning to settle down in Canada? There are different ways to seek immigration, work, and study permit: 

EXPRESS ENTRY:  Being the main pathway for skilled migrants, you can consider this program to seek citizenship or to apply for permanent residency in the country. Firstly, you must meet the eligibility requirements for one of the three programs that fall under express entry. Then, you will be required to submit your profile and you will be judged on the basis of your score. Every two weeks, the government of Canada invites many candidates to apply for Permanent residency.

PROVINCIAL NOMINEE PROGRAM:  Canadian government allows provinces as well as territories to manage their PNP to help candidates with education, qualification, skillsets and experience to immigrate to Canada. While most provinces have different profiles, streams and requirements, it is important to ensure that you conduct proper research about each province’s immigration needs, waiting period and fees.

NEW PATHWAYS IN CANADA: Canada introduced a special pathway to essential workers and international graduates to remain in the country permanently. Some of the spots are available in 2021 since the country welcomes new candidates every two weeks. You may want to give a solid consideration to new paths and fast-track ways to immigrate. 

So, now that you know different ways to migrate to Canada from QatarConnect with our professionals at Giant Migration and let us navigate you into a wonderful world of opportunities through a smooth journey.


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