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Updated Essential Skills (over and undersupply lists) – New Zealand

Updated Essential Skills (over and undersupply lists) - New Zealand

The New Zealand government is making changes in the under and oversupply lists following a quarterly review of sectors that show shortages of labor.

The lists are being altered to confirm that the employment sectors are aligned to modifications in labor market conditions. Immigration policies of New Zealand will use the updated lists to evaluate Essential Skills work visa applications that are paid below the average wage rate irrespective of the date of the application submission.

Roles are listed in a manner that it becomes quicker and easier for employers to find the data relevant to their business and to specify which area they are in.

Changes in the Undersupply lists are as stated

Additional roles are augmented to these lists which means that Skills Match Reports will not be required with work visa applications that are paid below the average wage. However, Employers will still need to stimulate their opportunities and get genuine undertakings to attract and enlist suitable citizens.

A small number of roles will move off the undersupply schedule, which means Skills Match Reports will be required for those roles to benefit Essential Skills work visa applications.


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Changes in Oversupply lists are as stated  

No major roles will be augmented to the oversupply list.

Several roles will be eliminated from the list for all regions. Employers will need to furnish a Skills Match Report for roles paid below the average wage.

Other changes in the laws of the country include 

Other major changes include improving the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations codes for each role to enhance the density and for facilitating the steps for checking whether an employer requires a Skills Match Report.

The lasting use of the lists will be studied, with the next review. Modifications could be made ahead if there is a crucial change either nationally or regionally.

Work supervises the under and oversupply lists and works to guarantee that the citizens are contemplated for job opportunities. Immigration New Zealand supervises the visa application process.

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