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Top Part Time Jobs International Students Can Do Along With their Studies in Canada

migrate to Canada from Qatar

Students who immigrate to Canada for completing their studies have an option to do part-time work, which helps them meet their educational and living expenses to an extent. As students cannot commit themselves to work full-time, the option to work part-time comes as a blessing in disguise. Besides this, doing part-time work also helps them earn valuable Canadian work experience, which will prove useful for their career.

Although students with a Canadian study permit may work up to 20 hours per week, those who have enrolled for difficult or intensive courses can choose to work for lesser hours so that it does not affect their studies. In Canada, students are paid on an hourly basis for their part-time work. In order to work outside the campus, they will be required to obtain an off-campus work permit after completing six months of study. So, if you are looking to work in Canada post your departure from Qatar, here are some of the best part-time jobs in Canada you may consider-

  1. Freelancer

If you enjoy working from the four walls of your room and as per your time, then the freelancer job is perfect for you. In Canada, students can work as freelance writers, copywriters, web designers, graphic designers or even translators. Apart from this, freelance jobs offer great compensation, depending on your clients and the quality of work you deliver. On average, freelancers get paid up to $ 25 per hour.

  1. Bartender/ Server

If you wish to work in the service industry or just looking for a job that you can only do at night, then go for this. Serving or bartender jobs are usually done either on the weekends or weeknights only. Although the hourly wage may be less than other jobs, this job will give you more time to focus on your academics. Moreover, if you do well as a bartender or server, generous customers may even award you with large tips. So, your wages totally depend on the establishment you work in, your time, and your customers.

  1. Ridesharing driver

Do you like driving around and exploring new places while getting extra cash? If so, then this popular part-time job is right for you. You may become an Uber or Lyft driver where your time will be completely under control, and all you will need is a driving licence, a car and a phone.

  1. Tutor

Students who have a lot of knowledge and experience in certain subjects and have the patience to teach others to go for this job. The job allows you to choose your niche and market as per your needs. You may teach any subjects you like and select students from the elementary or college level. You will be paid per hour depending on the subjects and the number of students.

  1. Teacher’s Assistant

If you are interested in working in the educational field and have some experience in it, you may work as a teacher or professor’s assistant. Your job will be to help tutor students, create lesson plans and check paperwork. You require minimal experience for the position but must have great organisational and communication skills.

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