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Canada Investor Visa: 5 Main Categories to Business Visa in Canada

5 Main Categories to Business Visa in Canada

Canada provides numerous opportunities to foreigners who wish to do business in the nation. Every year, hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs and businessmen plan to land in Canada, there is certainly no reason why they cannot be among them. The goal of the business immigration program is to encourage investment and to increase employment in the nation via the migration of aspirants who have the ability to establish and invest in business successfully.

People with managerial/business experience and skills can apply for a Canadian permanent residence under the Canada business immigration program in one of the below-listed sub-categories:

Start-up Visa Investor Program: When you are planning to immigrate to Canada as a business investor, the ideal option is to apply for the start-up visa program. You will be required to meet the specific eligibility criteria for the application to go through successfully by being unique, innovative, and creating job opportunities for Canadians. Let’s go through the requirements for investors that you must qualify:

  • Have a registered or qualifying business
  • Demonstrate proper knowledge and proficiency in English and French
  • Letter of support from a legitimate institution
  • Have ample funds to settle down in Canada


Business Visa in Canada


Entrepreneur Program: Since they create so many employment options and contribute to the economy of the nation, entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply for this particular program. Successful candidates/applicants can open and start a business in the nation and can achieve permanent residence status. Requirements for an entrepreneur:

Establish purchase and make an investment in the business in Canada within 2 years resulting in a significant contribution to the nation’s economy.
Engage in active participation in business management.

Self-Employed Person Program: The business immigration option is ideal for those who wish to establish or invest in a business in the country that makes an ample amount of contribution to the nation’s economy or artistic life of Canada. They must have at least 2 years of relevant experience, the ability to be self-employed in the country, and should be able to meet the medical and security conditions.

Business PNP Program: This program includes two criteria:

ENTREPRENEUR- that requires ample CAD, 3 years of experience being business manager and owner, invest about $200,000 and have a full-time job for PR.

ENTREPRENEUR REGIONAL PILOT- This requires a $100,000 investment, a personal net worth of $200,000 and more, with a minimum of 51% of ownership and a full-time job in the community.

Corporate Immigration: Corporate Immigration is the perfect option for those who are operating a business or started a business and wish to expand in Canada. This category was designed for small to large companies that need to transfer their employees across the globe.

Canada is filled with rich opportunities for budding businesses, well, you can start a new life in the beautiful country. Connect with Giant Migration, we provide you with the Canada Business Immigration program in Qatar to help you immigrate to Canada.


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