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Know it all: What You Can and Can’t Do with the Permanent Resident Status?

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Permanent residency, as many already know, is a type of immigration process in Canada. To gain permanent residency, a person is required to undergo an immigration program that being the popular immigration pathway for PR is actually economic. This involves an express entry system, however many permanent residents can be sponsored by their spouse or even a parent who already holds status in Canada.

Before we get down to what one can or cannot do with their PR status, it is important for them to understand the benefits one can get with Permanent residency…

  • You can live and work in Canada: With this, you will have the right to reside and work anywhere in the country. Once sure can find jobs in Montreal but better opportunities wait in Toronto. With Permanent residents, you can move wherever you want to within the country, and will not be tied to a specific employer or province.
  • Have Access to Healthcare & Social Services: All Permanent Residents will gain access to Canada’s social services and healthcare facilities. Being universal, you can enjoy the benefits of free medical care.
  • Sponsor your family (spouse and kids): Once you gain permanent residency, you can have your kids and spouse seek this too by sponsoring them to join you in Canada. In case you migrate via express entry, you can have your family over by putting them on the initial application so you don’t have to sponsor them.

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Those who are planning to migrate to Canada from Qatarmust carry their valid PR card or PRTD (Permanent Resident Travel Document) when boarding the flight or traveling to Canada. If you miss it or are not carrying one, you will not be able to board.  

Now, let’s discuss all the things that permanent residents can and cannot do,

  1. You, as a permanent resident have all the right to,
  • Live, work, or pursue education in Canada
  • Get all social benefits same as Canadian citizens including the healthcare coverage and more.
  • Seek protection under the Canadian Charter of rights & freedom, and Canadian law
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship
  • You will be required to pay taxes and obey Canadian laws at all federal, municipal, and provincial levels.


2. You are not at all allowed to do the following two things:

  • You cannot apply for a job that requires top-notch security clearance
  • You cannot vote or even run for the political office

You need to know that you cannot lose your permanent resident status when your PR card expires; you only lose the status going through an official procedure.

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