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Discover The Easiest Ways to Obtain Canadian PR

through express entry into Canada from Qatar

Are you reading this blog because you wish to obtain a Permanent Residency (PR) Visa in Canada? Or maybe because are you looking for the easiest ways to secure your Canadian PR? Don’t fret! We’ll help you discover the easiest ways for immigrating to Canada and obtaining your PR from Qatar. Read along!

Canada has a sparse population. Due to this, the Canadian government has opened several channels for providing hassle-free immigration to foreign nationals migrating to Canada. Therefore, it offers numerous gateways for skilled professionals, students, business investors and entrepreneurs for immigrating to Canada and obtaining their Canadian PR. Below we’ve outlined some of the most popular programs to help you understand the options available to apply for your PR. Have a look-

Express Entry Program

Ever since its introduction, the Express Entry Program has remained an immensely popular immigration category among immigrants for their Canadian migration. Thanks to its easy migration processes- immigration through express entry into Canada from Qatar is now the fastest way to migrate to Canada in under six months. Apart from this, immigration under this program is undertaken through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). It is a tool which requires an applicant to secure points to qualify for visa application under express entry. 

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Provincial Nominee Program

People who are unable to fulfil the eligibility requirements of the express entry system can apply for a visa via the provincial nominee program. Under this program, Canada’s provinces invite skilled people and nominate them to immigrate to the country. This nomination is based on the occupation in demand and labour market requirement in that particular province. After you are selected, you will earn 600 bonus provincial nomination points- which can be used in the Express Entry immigration model.

Business Investor Program

The business investor program is a suitable category for business owners and managers planning to set up a business in Canada. Therefore, if you have money, then this pathway is very suitable to obtain your PR in Canada. And, for this, you need to apply either through a Start-up visa or Provincial Business Immigration programs.

 Work Permit With A Job Offer

If you are a skilled worker and have received a job offer letter from a registered Canadian employer, you may apply for your migration via this category. For this, your employer needs to submit an LMIA application to the ESDC (Employment in Social Development of Canada to support your case. Apart from this, you are also required to prove that you will assist the Canadian economy productively by providing evidence of your educational qualifications and work experience.

Connect With Giant Migration

Apart from the above-mentioned programs, there are several other categories available to obtain a Canadian PR. And, if you need assistance and information about the same, then Giant Migration can help. As the best immigration consultants in Qatar, we aim to provide our clients with a seamless immigration experience. Schedule an appointment to know more about what we offer.






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