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All the Wonders of Gaining Australian PR

Australia PR consultant in Qatar

One of the most favoured hotspots of 2022, Australia is a destination that has something for everyone. Whether you are a student, an investor or an immigrant, immigration to Australia will be your life’s best decision. Every year, thousands of foreign nationals immigrate and settle in Australia for a better life. So, if you are planning for immigration to Australia from Qatar and obtaining a PR, we have listed certain reasons to make your decision final. Here’s why you should obtain an Australian PR –

High Living Standards

Australia is counted amongst the most-flourishing economies of the world and offers high living standards to the people. The lifestyle of people, educational facilities, health facilities, and public transport in Australia is living proof of the country’s economic growth. In addition to this, as it is also certified by the World Health Organisation ( WHO), the country has a low crime rate and safer environment for its residents. Moreover, if you are worried about finding inexpensive housing facilities, don’t fret; there are great options available.

Free or Subsidised Education

Australia’s education system, as compared to other countries, follows a more holistic approach to teaching its students. It is one of the most reputed systems in the world and provides free or subsidised primary, secondary and tertiary education for its students. Although the education system of Australia follows English as its language of instruction, various schools offer bilingual programs in other languages to benefit students from different diasporas.

Australia PR consultant in Qatar

Best Healthcare Facilities

There’s no doubt that Australia’s healthcare system offers its permanent residents access to world-class healthcare facilities, free medical care, lower cost for transcription medicines and much more. Apart from its permanent residents and citizens, the country also enables some visitors to access these facilities after enrolling in medicare.

Flexible Immigration Laws

Immigration laws in Australia have more flexible and updated rules for the temporary entry of immigrants than other countries. In most cases, applicants who arrive in Australia on temporary principal permits are able to easily obtain permanent residency in Australia. In addition to this, the dependents of Skilled sponsored workers who have permanent resident status in Australia also enjoy unrestricted work rights. Australia does not even pose any restrictions on the number of visas skilled professionals and other trained visitors can acquire to visit the country.

A wealth of Employment Opportunities

The appeal of Australia as a hub for rewarding employment opportunities to skilled workers is unparalleled. As the country has low unemployment rates, immigrants with skills and expertise can easily find great job opportunities for their living. As per a study, skilled immigrants can mostly get a well-paying job within 6 months of immigration to Australia.

Fascinating Geographical Surroundings

Diverse culture, flora & fauna and warm climate are some of the reasons why Australia is considered an ideal place for outdoor culture and a lively lifestyle. The country is loaded with numerous destinations for adventure seekers, nature lovers, solo travellers and tourists. Thereby, Australia will never disappoint you!

Pathway to Australian Citizenship

One of the most significant reasons for obtaining permanent residence status in Australia is that you can eventually become an Australian citizen after a point in time. Moreover, the country also provides dual citizenship and children born to Australian permanent residents can apply for their citizenship even before their parents attain one.

Australia offers ample opportunities for everyone. So, now that you have a clear picture of why Australian PR is beneficial, what keeps you waiting? Connect with Giant Migration to discuss your options and get the visa application procedure started. As the best Australia PR consultant in Qatar, we’ll ensure you get a seamless visa experience.






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